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Alias Screencaps

supernaturalhel's post reminded me I uploaded these Screencaps before I went away with the intent to put them up when I got back and completely forgot. I had my hard drive wiped and a new secondary hard drive installed while I was away so I've been busy with getting my computer back where I want it rather than remembering to do LJ stuff. LOL!

Here are some Alias Screencaps from Season 2 Episode 14: Double Agent.

I will put a sampling behind a cut, like before, for you to look at and the link to the rest of them at the end.

If you are using them, all I ask is that you comment you are taking and put some sort of credit up either when you put up/post the icon you used the screencap for or on your info page stating you get Alias caps from me, tonic2w at times.

Thanks and I hope you like.

Click on the picture to see the full size.

The rest can be found HERE.
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